Novatek Dustless Surface Preparation Equipment

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Accessories & Consumables

Get the most from your Novatek equipment by insisting on genuine Novatek spare parts and accessories. Maximize your productivity by using spares and accessories specifically designed for your equipment. Strick quality controls and a one year warrantee, guarantees the performance and durability you have come to expect from Novatrek products. Don’t settle for imitations, ask for Genuine Novatek Parts

Air Filtration

Novateks’ line of portable air filtration and air handling products combine class leading performance, rugged durability and innovative designs. The “Novair” line of portable air filtration equipment is used globally for asbestos abatement, restoration work, nuisance dust control, negative pressure applications, or anywhere air filtration is critical. Novairs come standard with HEPA filtration and are available with a variety of filters ranging from nuisance dust filters, ULPA filters, and MERV rated filters.

Dustless Surface Preparation

The Vacuum Shrouded Equipment (VSE) line of surface preparation products are specifically designed for applications where dust control and containment are critical. Products include vacuum shrouded needle scalers, scaling hammers, roto peen tools, grinders, bristle strippers, hand held scarifiers, and universal dust shrouds. Applications for removal and dust containment include lead-based paint removal, asbestos abatement, PCB removal, radiological decontaminations, and more.

Floor Equipment

Novatek offers several models of heavy duty scarifiering and scabbling flooring equipment. Scarifiers employ a rotary drum loaded with cutters or brushes to prepare the surface where scabblers use a percussive action to fracture materials from the substrate. Scabblers are also ideal for the rapid removal and take down of concrete.

HEPA Vacuums

Novatek offers a comprehensive line of Pneumatic and Electric HEPA Vacuums, designed to work seamlessly with our Vacuum Shrouded Equipment (VSE) product line. Choose between backpack, floor, drum top and bulk collection units. These systems are engineered for the recovery of lead, asbestos, mold, fiberglass, and other hazardous or non-hazardous materials. All of Novatek's vacuums come standard with a high capacity HEPA filter and a minimum two stage pre- filtration. Powerful vacuum generators combined with rugged steel construction guarantee performance and durability.

Marine Maintenance Equipment

Novatek offers a comprehensive line of marine maintenance products. Applications vary from large deck descaling, spot cleaning, and cargo hold cleaning to name just a few. Products ranging from hand held needle scalers to large areas deck descalers, help assure Novatek has the equipment to tackle the most demanding projects. All Novatek marine products are specifically designed to perform in demanding marine environments.

Spare Parts

Always replace your equipment components with Genuine Novatek Parts. This not only protects your equipment investment from premature failure it also protects your warranty.

Surface Preparation Equipment

Novatek offers an extensive range of industrial, surface preparation equipment designed for the most demanding applications. Products range from needle scalers, scaling hammers, chisel scalers, up to large floor equipment. Our new VRS-Vibration Reduced Scalers incorporate vibration dampening technology for greater operator comfort. We can also provide equipment for non spark applications.

Tile Removal

Novatek offers two lines of equipment for tile and sheet goods removal. The Novastrip range and the Long reach range of products. Both are highly effective and offer two distinct methods of removal. The “Novastrip” Line of products uses infrared radiant heat to penetrate tile, loosening the adhesive bond underneath. This allows for the removal of intact tiles. Novastrips are perfectly suited for removing Vinyl Asbestos Tile or any other flooring using glues and mastics.

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