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Revolutionary Technology…Maximum Versatility



The premier, versatile, economical, lightweight aluminum systems available in the industry. IBIX pots are available in 6 sizes with dual action wet and/or dry technology designed for hard to reach work spaces. Perfect for a wide variety of applications, pre-paint preparation and cleaning surfaces of all kinds. These units always deliver a perfectly consistent air and media flow and notably require only one operator. Our units are portable for on-site maneuverability, easy to operate, regulatory compliant and environmentally friendly.

Our quick-click nozzle for maximum versatility saves time and money. IBIX systems deliver a precise, consistent even air and media flow for a smooth surface finish with very low air volume requirements. Minimal dusting improves health and safety for the operator and the environment.

A powerfully effective tool for removing corrosion, rust, paint and debris while maintaining the integrity of any surface. IBIX blast units can be used on metal, wood, glass, plastic, paper and more, even fragile surfaces.