Industrial Minerals Stock a range of over 1200 different product lines.  This range is under constant review and is being added to on a regular basis.  Should you have a need for a particular product and are unable to find it listed below, please contact us and if we are not currently stocking it, we should be able to help you locate a source.

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Abrasive Blasting Equipment

To support the range of abrasive blasting media Industrial Minerals stocks a range of abrasive blast equipment and is the New Zealand distributor for Clemco.  We are able to supply almost all types of equipment from a single blast nozzle to a fully equipped blast room.  We have experienced staff available to discuss individual abrasive blasting requirements.

Abrasive Recovery & Recycling

The product line includes blast room enclosures, abrasive recovery systems, and dust collection systems. Industrial Minerals is uniquely positioned in the industry to offer a range of standard engineered recovery solutions, designed to handle the differing flow characteristics of commonly employed blast media. We offers both pneumatic and mechanical systems tailored to ensure the highest levels of productivity and efficiency.

Abrasive Blasting Media

Our range of abrasive media includes Garnet, Steel Grit, Steel Shot, Stainless Steel Grit/Shot, Glass Beads, Illmenite, Aluminium Oxide Plastic Media and Walnut Shell. Industrial Minerals are the leading suppliers of abrasive blast media in New Zealand.
We carry a large range, high stock levels, outstanding service & proven quality, high performance products.

Air Filtration

Our innovative range of air filtration products offers class leading performance, durability, and ease of maintenance. With a variety of sizes, configurations and filters, Industrial Minerals has the machine to cover your application.

Air Prep Equipment

Industrial Minerals carry a full range of air preparation equipment including Aftercoolers, portable dryers and Deliquescent dryers to ensure maximum moisture extraction from your compressed air supply.

Asbestos Dust Filtration

Our Novair BIO units feature exclusive positive lock filter retaining system for leak free performance for the most demanding environments. The Novair “Bio” is equally at home filtering biological contaminates, asbestos, mold or fumes. Perfect for labs, hospitals, and abatement projects.


Industrial Minerals offers the most competitive high yielding Bentonites for the drilling industry. We offer a range of Bentonites for civil engineering, pond & dam sealing, tunnelling, grouting and diaphragm walls. We also carry a large range of Bentonite granules suitable for a wide range of applications.

Blast Rooms & Dust Collectors

Total blasting solutions - Custom built to customer specifications. Better Design | Better Build | Better Performance

Blast Wheel Machines

Recognised as the modern, fast, versatile, environmental, dust free means to dry abrasive cleaning and texturing of horizontal or slightly inclined surfaces.

Bristle Blasters

Pneumatic or Electric hand tools for the removal of corrosion, millscale and defunct coatings with surface cleanliness similar to SA2.5 blasted profile.


White Cement, Bentonites, and high purity White Quartz Sand Calcined Bauxite, and Glass Road Marking beads are all products that  Industrial Minerals currently supplies to the Construction and Roading sectors.

Containment Sheeting

Premium Clad re-inforced Heavy Duty Polyethyene Sheeting can be used for weatherproofing and containment of dust, debris and Blasting Media, to protect workers, job sites and the environment in Abrasive Blasting, Painting, Painting and Building Construction applications.

Drilling Categories

A range of products available for Mineral & Exploration, Water Well Drilling, Special Foundations, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Geotechnical Drilling, Tunnelling, Pipeline Solids Management & many more.

Drilling Fluid Programs

A source of pre-established drilling programs to suit a wide range of drilling conditions and ground types, ready to be saved or printed for reference.

Drilling Products

Industrial Minerals supply a large range of advanced drilling fluids, bentonites and mud measuring equipment.  Industrial Minerals (NZ) Ltd is a member of the New Zealand Drillers Federation and are a leading supplier of drilling fluids

Dustless Surface Preparation Equipment

A complete range of dustless surface equipment & surface preparation tools including Air Filtration, Dustless Surface Preparation Equipment, Floor Preparation Equipment, HEPA Vacuums, Marine Maintenance Tools, General Surface Preparation Equipment, Tile Removal tools and much more!

Ecoquip - Dustless Vapor Blaster

With ultra-low dispersal characteristics, Graco® EcoQuip® systems eliminate 92 percent of airborne particles and can be used almost anywhere, including enclosed spaces, or in locations that need less containment than if you were sandblasting. Because Graco® EcoQuip® emits less dust than traditional dry blasting and uses less water than wet or slurrly abrasive blasting technologies, contractors can save time and money on clean-up and containment.

Geoblaster - Dustless Wetblaster

The GEOBLASTER® is the optimal tool for coatings removal, surface cleaning & preparation. With the ability to regulate blast pressure, you can quickly remove tough coatings, or reduce blast pressure to clean the most fragile surfaces, free of embedment or damage.

Holdtight 102

HoldTight® 102 is an additive that prevents flash rusting of wet abrasive- and water-blasted iron and steel surfaces and of dry-blasted surfaces in a pressurized wash down. It also removes chlorides and other salts and contaminants very effectively. It is approved by most major coating suppliers for use with most coatings: contact HoldTight Solutions Inc., for details and references.

Lighting Products

Explosion Proof Lighting, The TOUGHEST purpose built portable explosion proof lighting products. Listed as Class I, II Div 1 & 2 Hazardous location lighting.

Operator Safety Equipment

A range of blasting operator equipment for safety, comfort and communication

Processed Sands

Industrial Minerals are able to supply a range of White and Black processed sand for use in water filtration, non-slip surface preparation, industrial manufacturing, and landscaping.

Shrink Wrap

Flame retardant Shrink Wrap from a leading manufacturer

Spray Guns

Competitively priced spray guns for the Industrial & DIY markets.

Super Garnet

Super Garnet is our highest quality and performing garnet. Super Garnet has typically a purity of 99.5% plus and quality certificates are available for all batches supplied.Super Garnet conforms with ISO 11126-10 and is ISO 9001, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000 certified.

Testing Equipment

Industrial Minerals source a wide range of testing equipment from many leading suppliers, click the links below for more on each range!

        Elcometer Testing Equipment

        Electrophysik Testing Equipment

        Additional Testing Equipment

Waterjet Garnet

Within the Super Garnet range we supply a full range of our high purity, ISO certified Garnet suitable for Waterjet Cutting machines.


Industrial Minerals are the exclusive New Zealand distributor for Condamine Wellscreens for use in the drilling industry. With a large range of sizes and specifications to suit most jobs and the ability to produce custom sized screens for specific jobs.

White Cement

Industrial Minerals White cement is the whitest cement and strongest, the colour is consistently the best, it is made in a modern factory under strict quality control. It is produced from a very pure high quality source of raw material.

Zinc Wire

Industrial Minerals Zinc Wire offers many advantages over the existing products in the market. Each of the following features has been designed to give you hassle free spraying from the first couple of centimeters, right through to the end of the drum.

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